Welcome to the home of Queensland Shows

Across Queensland there are 128 Agricultural/Show Societies ranging from very small local events with community populations of 300 or less to large multi-day extravaganzas such as the famous Ekka and the Toowoomba Royal Show and regional shows such as Cairns and Rockhampton. Agricultural Shows have been a part of the Australian culture since 1822 engaging, educating and entertaining the community.  Agricultural Shows are strongly connected to local communities through volunteerism and the educational, competitive and cultural experiences they provide.

Instructions for growing your Sunflower and Millet Seads.

Don’t forget to publish pictures of your plants as they progress through their growing life.

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Membership and your opportunity to Volunteer

13,538 people volunteered at a local agricultural show in Queensland in 2012 = $84million value to the Queensland economy. Do you want to increase the number?

To find out how you can be involved, explore the option in the get involved section of the website.

Social and Economic Impact Study of Australian Agricultural Shows

Read or download the full impact study.
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