The Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Society Inc conducts the Young Judges and Paraders competition on a state-wide basis. Competition is held across four levels – local Agricultural Show, Sub-Chamber, State and National Finals.

As the title suggests, competition is open to young people aged 15 and under 25 years as at 1st May in the year of the Competitor's State Final. The competition is divided into 6 judging and 2 paraders categories:

  • Prime Beef Cattle Judge
  • Stud Beef Cattle Judge
  • Stud Beef Cattle Paraders
  • Dairy Cattle Judge
  • Dairy Cattle Paraders
  • AgForce Merino Sheep Judge
  • Meat Sheep Breeds Judge
  • Merino Fleece Judge

Merino Sheep.

Meat Sheep Breeds and Merino Young Judges competitions are held each year at an Agricultural Show at State Final level. All local winners and first time competitors are eligible to compete at these State Finals.

The aim of these competitions is to develop the judging and parading skills of young people to ensure a selection of experienced judges for future Agricultural Shows. Competitors also improve their communication and presentation skills.

Young Judges and Paraders, among other competitions,  offer significant personal and professional development opportunities for young people. The ability to network with, and learn from industry leaders while developing skills such as public speaking and personal confidence is a rare opportunity for young people. To do this in a setting that develops interest and skills in agricultural careers provides a great platform for young people to become involved in our industry.

The criteria for judging Young Judges are based on developing the skills and knowledge of the entrants. Hence much emphasis is given to the ability for entrants to justify the reasons for placing the animals. This is vitally important as selecting animals is a subjective task based on the productions system the judge has in mind and the changing market specifications. The skill required to justify your placements and articulate those in public are hugely beneficial in professional life.

It is no coincidence that a vast majority of QCAS Next Generation Committee Members, previous State & National Winners of the Rural Ambassador award along with a number of Showgirl Entrants, have a background in Young Judges.  Their ability to express their view professionally and confidently, to perform public speaking at a high level and show an enthusiasm for the Ag sector can all be traced back to their involvement in Young Judges competitions.  Particularly through learning from key industry leaders.

2018 young judges & paraders state final winners




Previous National Winners

Year  Category Queensland Representative Representing
2018 National Dairy Cattle Young Paraders (Winner)
National Merino Fleece Young Judges (Runner Up)
National Meat Sheep Young Judges (Runner Up)

National Beef Cattle Young Judges  (Runner Up)
 Clinton Keir
Jedidiah Morrison
Tenneal Pebble 
Joe Tones 
2017 National Merino Sheep Young Judges (Winner)
National Meat Sheep Young Judges (Runner Up)
National Dairy Cattle Young Judges (Runner Up)
National Beef Cattle Young Paraders (Runner Up)
Matthew Baker
Tracey Bennett
Clinton Keir
David Bartley
National Merino Sheep Young Judges
National Dairy Cattle Young Judges
National Stud Beef Cattle Young Judges
Lachie Brumpton
Sarah Peters
Sarah Peters

2015 National Merino Sheep Young Judges Charlie Brumpton  
2014 National Meat Breed Sheep Young Judges
National Merino Sheep Young Judges
Erin Lee
Felicity Brumpton
2013 National Beef Cattle Young Paraders  Nicole Hartwig  
2012 National Meat Breed Sheep Young Judges Andrew Herron  
2011 National Merino Fleece Sheep Young Judges
National Dairy Cattle Young Paraders 
Allycia Bennett 
Gianna Kelly

Competition Coordinators

Meat Sheep, Beef & Dairy Competition Coordinator - Mrs Monica Skerman 
P: 0418 762 868

Merino Fleece & Merino Sheep Competition Coordinator - Mrs Lorraine Crothers
P: 0417 147 410